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Chickenify's Application

Discussion in 'Helper Applications' started by Chickenify, Feb 7, 2018.

  1. Username: Chickenify

    Skype (can be PMed): Ill PM if necessary.

    Do you have a mic (and will be willing to use it): Yes, I do.

    : Eastern Standard Time (EST).

    Current rank (prestige and any donor rank): Server isn't open. I should have some sort of donor rank though.

    Any real job experience: Because I'm only 14, my job options do have limitations. I work on Sundays for a few hours in the winter and I vollunteer around my town in many different stores. (I've never quit or been fired). I've been doing this since I was 10 years old and I have earned a lot of respect around my town because of how committed I am to helping everyone. Yes this is completely legal where I live.
    (This was copy and pasted (with some edits) from my past application that was accepted on here because I'm not sure there anyway I need to change it. Nothing else is copy and pasted from my other application. I'm sure you won't have an issue with this)

    Why you're qualified:
    Instead of writing a long list of traits I have, I'll just give you guys a short and sweet version since you already know.
    I'm qualified because respect all players and how they feel. I respect everyone's opinion and I'm not bias at all. I try my hardest to make me feel good and really enjoy their stay on the server.
    I'm a very trustworthy person who never abuses and gives out the right punishments (usually ;}). I am a smart person in general and I know pretty much all of the commands that are necessary for me to know as helper. I am a very mature person when I need to be. I usually stray away from being rude and disrespectful towards people. I'm a very helpful person and try my hardest to help all the players know and learn the commands when they are stumped. I'm a great problem solver and I always have to right ideas.
    I have a lot of experience as a staff member on this wonderful game. Throughout the many years I've played this game there are a few of servers to mention. ClimaxMC: I was Helper, and worked hard to get Admin. I resigned from that server because I went on a long vacation and I got bored. It shut down even though it was getting 10-20 players a day. ClimacticPvP: I spent a very long time working on this Kitpvp server and it lasted about 6 months before It shut down even though we got some donations and a decent playerbase. Vexxum/Eternal/Divine: This was a Factions server that turned into a Skyblock server. I spent almost everyday working on this server and helping people because it was very popular. It got around 80-120 people on like everyday. The server turned into a Skyblock server called Divine which did very well but we lost most of our player base. I got my way up to Head-Admin in almost a year and just sorta recently, the server shut down. The owner got around $12000 profit from donations. BeerPrison: I played this server since September 2016 and in December 2017 I got helper. I made some mistakes and got a suspension I deserved. I then quite because I thought I was going to quit video games for a long time but here I am now.

    Have you read and understand the requirements: Yes.

    Do you agree to not ask any staff member to read the application (else a blacklist from applying): Yes.

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