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Smaller Stuff:

New mystery drink: Scotch
- Alcohol: 63%


New drink: Apple Cider
- 10 apples, 6 sugar cane
- 16 minutes cook time
- Wood:2
- Age 2 years
- Alcohol: 18%


New drink: Watermelon Juice
- 46 sugar cane, 32 melon slice
- 8 minutes cook time
- Alcohol: 16%


New drink: Cocoa
- 14 cocoa beans, 7 sugar cane, 3 milk bucket
- 3 minutes cook time


New enchant: Decapitate
- Chance to receive killed victim's head upon death
- Max level: 1


New enchant: Toxic
- Enchant for armor only
- Potentially gives attacker poison when hitting you
- Max level: 5


New hidden areas


Voting rewards:
- Top voter gets $20 in /buy and Frost key
- Voting gives a chance for a multiplier
- Vote crates buffed


New quests:
- Quest 10 and 11 have been added
- More quests will be added


New crate:
- A new crate (better than Ultimate, less than Frost) will be made and will be obtainable through both playing and donating
- Buffed all crates
- Ranks and multipliers are now physical items
- Tags will soon be physical items
- All picks from Pick crate have fortune added

We haven't had a competition in a while, so here we go!

Important Information:

First place: $1,000,000,000,000 and 1 Seasonal Key
Second place: $200,000,000,000
Third place: $100,000,000,000

Bonus prize: Seasonal key, Seasonal pickaxe, Ultimate keys, 2x money boost.

What you have to do:
1. Create an ORIGINAL (no copying existing builds from any source) restaurant, bar or cafe on your plot.

2. (Optional, though it adds to points) Brew AT LEAST 3 of each drink in the recipe book (found at /warp bar in the back room).
Quality does not matter, but a higher quality drink will contribute to your overall score.

3. Create an ORIGINAL name for your establishment.

- Will have the most drinks made
- Will have the nicest plot
- Most creative
- Good name for the restaurant/cafe/bar

Begin: 11/17/2017
End: 12/10/2017

Times are in EST (Eastern Timezone).

How to submit:
1. Take many pictures (preferably into an Imgur album).
2. Reply in this thread with your name and any pictures.

Plagiarizing an existing establishment name/build: 33% of money taken away, warning.

Welcome to the new forums, lads!

If you're new:

Beer Prison is the re-branded Precision Games/Precision Prison.
We hope to bring new features and refine everything that people loved in the old prison!